Factors Exploration on Alumni Donation: A Case Study of Creighton University


Abstract: Donation from university alumni contributes a lot to undergraduate and graduate level student’ s academic success. Alumni donation is very supportive for easing the financial burden of attending college for both prospective and current students. This research paper is going to explore which kinds of factors will affect alumni’s giving. The main methods are factor analysis, logistic regression and generalized linear model (GLM), other steps also play valuable and significant roles in the modeling framework. This research paper uses a real university case. Some factors have been discovered as positive impact factors, all the positive factors could influence alumni donation, which further will impact university alumni engagement, events planning and other missions. Some other insights have been also discovered in the conclusion section.


Keywords: Alumni; Donation; Data modeling; Factor analysis; Logistic regression; Generalized linear model (GLM)


JEL Classification: C02, C30, C38


Citation as:  Liu, F.Y.,  X. Feng,  and Q. Ouyang (2018). "Factors Exploration on Alumni Donation: A Case Study of Creighton University", Journal of Contemporary Management, Vol.9, Iss.4, pp.14-28.