Urbanization and Carbon Emission in China:  A Review and Prospect


Abstract: Urbanization is not only a worldwide phenomenon, but also the trend of historical development. This article briefly introduces the significance of the research on urbanization and carbon emission. Based on the review of carbon emission related theory, the existing literature is summarized and reviewed from the three aspects: the relationship between urbanization and carbon emissions, the influence factors of urbanization on carbon emission, and the influence degree of urbanization on carbon emission. Finally, the empirical research direction and approach of China’s carbon emission are proposed. As the impact of global climate change on people and the environment grows increasingly profound, the impact of urbanization on greenhouse gas emissions, especially carbon dioxide emissions has received growing academic attention. 


Keywords: Urbanization; Carbon emission; Low carbon; Energy consumption


JEL Classification: P28, Q01, Q56


Citation as:  Fan, L.,  and L. Wang (2018). "Urbanization and Carbon Emission in China:  A Review and Prospect", Journal of Contemporary Management, Vol.9, Iss.4, pp.29-36.