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Earth Endogenous System: To Answer the Current Unsolved Economic Problems

Second Edition
Earth Endogenous System: To Answer the Current Unsolved Economic Problems-2nd Edition
ISBN: 9780991880010

PrefacePreface for the 2nd edition

Chapter 1Summary of the EES, Introduction and Framework

Chapter 2Endogenous I-S and External L-M Diagram in Equilibrium: Towards the Neutrality of Financial/Market Assets to Real Assets

Chapter 3Ratio of Positive Net Investment to Deficit Required for the Reinforcement of the 3% Golden Rule

Chapter 4Answer the Market 7% Problem at the Break-Even Point of Primary Balance: Endogenous Evidences with Fiscal Policy

Chapter 5How to Solve Fiscal Problems in the Current Financial Crisis

Chapter 6Capital Stock and Its Rate of Return, Japan vs. the US, 1960-2011, Purely Measured under No Assumption

Chapter 7Structural Analysis of the Speed Years for Convergence in Equilibrium by Country: Six Hyperbolas with Each Simulation

Chapter 8Two Disequilibrium Risks of δ0􀬴and the Speed Years, Essential to Seven Endogenous Parameters

Chapter 9Empirical Proof of the Flexibility of the Wage Rate and the Rate of Return in Endogenous Equilibrium

Chapter 10Essence of the Endogenous System and Its Geometrical Philosophy

Chapter 11Stage Processes from Young-Developing to Robust-Developing by Country in the Endogenous-Equilibrium

Chapter 12Revisit Two Tax Multipliers, Tax and Government Spending, by Area and by Country

Chapter 13Government Spending and Taxes to Guarantee Growth: Samuelson's Balanced Budget (1942) to Answer Krugman's (July, 2012)

Chapter 14Net Investment and Business Cycle: Using 'sin'in G and PRI Sectors

Chapter 15Population Growth Negatively Related to Technology and Its Growth

Chapter 16Recursive Programming to Reinforce the KEWT Data-Sets by Country

AppendicesHyperbolas: Formulations, Types, Attributes, Calculations, and Graphs

PostscriptQ&A: Readers'Alternatives as a Surrogate Postscript

ReferencesSpecific References

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