Review of Economics & Finance

Review of Economics & Finance

ISSN:1923-7529 (Print)    ISSN:1923-8401(Online)

Volume 8, Issue 2 (2017)
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Editorial Board of REF

Financial Deepening, Economic Growth and Corruption: The Case of Islamic Banking

Piyadasa Edirisuriya

"Shifting the Paradigm" in Super Intelligence

Vladimir A. Masch

Digital Divide and Income Inequality: A Spatial Analysis

Chun-Hung A. Lin, Ho-Shan Lin, and Ching-Po Hsu

A Mixtured Localized Likelihood Method for GARCH Models with Multiple Change-points

Haipeng Xing, Hongsong Yuan, and Sichen Zhou

Effect of Intellectual Capital on Firms' Competitive Advantage Condition: An Empirical Investigation in India

Trilochan Tripathy, Luis A. Gil-Alana, and Debadutta Sahoo

A Comparison Study on ASEAN-Japan and ASEAN-Korea Free Trade Agreements using CGE Model

Tsung-Chen Lee, Shiao-Wei Lo, and Wen-Cheng Lin

REF Calls for New Manuscript Submissions

Editorial Board, Review of Economics & Finance