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Hyperbola Economics towards A Utopian Economy

Hyperbola Economics towards A Utopian Economy
ISBN: 0-9918800-2-1


Chapter 1The Real Rate of Profits/Returns Equals Zero, Actually and Endogenously

Chapter 2Royal Roads to A Utopian Economy, Wholly under the Endogenous-Equilibrium = the Price-Equilibrium

Chapter 3Structural Improvement in Labor Productivity: Individual Life-Time versus Systems

Chapter 4Consumption-Neutral to Growth and Technology: Actual versus Endogenous

Chapter 5Why is A Discrete Cobb-Douglas Production Function A Numerical Core of Social and Economic Science?

Chapter 6Stop Macro-Inequality, and Full-Employment in Reality: Starting with α-Neutral

Chapter 7Equations Connecting the Break-Even Point (BEP) with Net Sales and Returns/Profits: Commonly to both Macro and Micro

Chapter 8Revisit: The Utility Theory and Consumption Function

Chapter 9Optimum Functions-measure in Hyperbola

Chapter 10Qualitative Democracy Levels-Measure in Hyperbola Functions, towards Moderation = the Origin in the Plane

Chapter 11Revisit Phillips Unemployment: Evidenced Wholly from Curves to Lines, for 86 Countries by Sector

Chapter 12Q&A Based on James Tobin (1980): Consistency between Statistics and Endogenous Data

Chapter 13Q&A to Paul Krugman's Column in New York Times

Chapter 14Q&A on "The Political Business Cycle" by William D. Nordhaus (1975)

Chapter 15Are the New Fact-findings in the Endogenous-Equilibrium Ever Consistent with Roles and Hypotheses in Economic Analyses Using Statistics Data?

Chapter 16Essence of Purely Endogenous System & Essence of the Break-Even-Point (BEP)

Chapter 17Axiom Omega in the Endogenous-Equilibrium: with the Speed Years for Convergence

Chapter 18The Cost Accounting for Increasing or Decreasing Deficits and Debts

Appendix 1Algebraic pertinently consistent with Geometric: Tables and figures for Phillips Curve, exogenous vs. endogenous

Appendix 2Figures involved in Phillips Curve, exogenous and endogenous

Appendix 3-Figures63 GDP-based Figures: G20 & G7 as a whole system

Appendix 4-Tables89 Tables using GDP-based database in KEWT series, in 4 Families

Appendix 5-Indexes68 Keywords, and Indexes by Chapter