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Journal of Contemporary Management

Journal of Contemporary Management

ISSN:1929-0128 (Print)    ISSN:1929-0136(Online)

Volume 5, Issue 1 (2016)
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Contents and Acknowledgements

Editorial Board of JCM

Agent-based Simulations for Examining Stability and Efficiency of Societies with Respect to Partnership Structures

Prof. Tomohiro Hayashida, Prof. Ichiro Nishizaki, and Prof. Yoshifumi Uno

Modeling Competition of Different Manufacturing Strategies Based on Lotka-Volterra Equations

Prof. Bi-Huei Tsai

Framework for Plagiarism Detection Using Logical Tree-Structured Features and Multi-Layer Clustering

Dr. Salha Alzahrani, Prof. Naomie Salim, and Prof. Vasile Palade

Comparison of Hospitalized Immigrants among Hospitals in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Region

Ioannis Petasakis, Dr. Persefoni Polychronidou, Prof. Anastasios G. Karasavvoglou, and Christos Tsitsakis

Political Connections, Lines of Credit and Investment-Cash Flow Sensitivity: Empirical Evidence From Chinese Listed Firms

Cheng Chen, and Dr. Qianwei Ying

Corporate Governance and Technological Progress: Evidence from China

Ziqin Wen, Mengke Hu, Dr. Dezhu Ye, and Zejun Zhang

Regional Development Policies and Local Government in the Russian Federation

Prof. Alexander S. Novoselov, and Dr. Asya S. Marshalova

JCM Calls for New Manuscript Submissions

Editorial Board, Journal of Contemporary Management