Journal of Contemporary Management

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Journal of Contemporary Management

Journal of Contemporary Management

ISSN:1929-0128 (Print)    ISSN:1929-0136(Online)

Volume 6, Issue 1 (2017)
Call for New Papers

Table of Contents

Empirical Work up for Conception and Impacts of Hospital Stakeholder Management

Hubertus Schmitz-Winnenthal, Julian Rieck, Dominik Landeck, Alexander Schug, Frank Reza, Eric Palenczat, Ralf Gerhards, and Thilo Hackert

An Empirical Investigation of Illicit Drug Use and Its Influences on Hospitality Sales Productivity: A Phenomenological Approach

Dr. Lisa Young Thomas, and Dr. Miranda Kitterlin-Lynch

Improving Credit Scoring Quality through Virtual Organization (VO) Formation

Prof. Dr. Tribhuvan Puri, Dr. Soheil Sibdari, and Dr. Xiaoqin "Shelley" Zhang

The Impacts of International Diversification, Product Diversification, and Organizational Learning Capability on Firm Value: Evidence from Korean Firms

Dr. Kang Rae Cho

Inward Foreign Direct Investment and Host-Country Exports: Evidence from Panel Data of 94 Countries in 1980-2010

Dr. Kevin H. Zhang

Does Computer and Internet Use Affect Employee Wage Premium? A Panel Analysis of CPS Data

Dr. Gang Peng, Dr. Xiaolou Yang, and Dr. Peter Woodlock

Are There Any Laws and Constants in Economics? - A Brief Comparison to the Sciences

Dr. Harold L. Vogel

An Empirical Inquiry into the Impacts of Sustainable Supply Chain Management on Company Performance

Dr. Jean-Paul Meutcheho, and Dr. Thomas G. Marx

Optimizing the Allocation of Coal Production Capacity through Supply-Side Structural Reform

Hongfei YUE, Lin WU, and Dr. Ying XU

Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA): from the State of Art until Conceptual and Framework Proposal Model

Bruno Eustaquio de Carvalho, Prof. Rui Cunha Marques, and Prof. Oscar Cordeiro Netto

Can Israeli Stocks Indices Predict Real Estate Prices Trends?

Dr. Gil Cohen

Influence of Demographic Factors on Financial Exclusion in Zimbabwe: An Empirical Analysis

Norman Marime, and Rabson Magweva