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Journal of Contemporary Management

Journal of Contemporary Management

ISSN:1929-0128 (Print)    ISSN:1929-0136(Online)

Volume 8, Issue 4 (2017)
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Contents & Acknowledgements

Editorial Board, Journal of Contemporary Management

A Mental Model of Science Informed by Public Lands Managers: Increasing the Chances for Management Based on Science

Dr. Alan E. Watson, and Christopher A. Armatas

The Mediating Effect of Internal and External Network Resources on Internationalization and Performance

Prof. Yu-Ching Chiao, Asst. Prof. Keng-Hsiang Cheng, Ass. Prof. Ku-Ho Lin, and Shu-Cha Yeh

Managing Changes In A Millennial Workforce

Karen Monica Liang Poh Leng, and Dr. Kit Chee Wong

Change and Transformation of School Leadership in the New Quality Era: A Case Analysis

Prof. Xu Changliang, and Dr. Xu Chenyan

Comparison of Healthcare System and Analysis of Healthcare Competitiveness Indicators between Kazakhstan and Korea Based on GCI

Prof. Dr. Sung-Kyu Lee, and Bibigul Omirbayeva

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