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Journal of Contemporary Management

Journal of Contemporary Management

ISSN:1929-0128 (Print)    ISSN:1929-0136(Online)

Vol. 3, Issue 1 (2014)

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Contents and Acknowledgements

Editorial Board of Journal of Contemporary Management

Do Political Ties Increase Firms' Foreign Expansion? —Evidence from Private Chinese Firms

Hongjin Zhu, Justin Yiqiang Jin, Tony Kang, and Yuanyuan Wu

What Really Drives Executive Turnover?

Bernard Mnzava

Evaluating Factors Influencing the Intention to Use Online Ordering System —A Case Study of Lunch Box Purchasing

Ting-Sheng Weng, and I-Ching Chao

Curriculum Design and Evaluation of an MBA Module: Contemporary Business Marketing

Kit Chee Wong

A Case-based Analytical Study on the Strategic Evaluation of Common Equity Performance of SIA in a Global Organic Environment

Zhao Hai Chen, Muzi HE, and K.C. Wong

"Learning the Hard Way": An Examination of Acculturative Support for Latin-American Baseball Players in the South Atlantic League

Sylvia Trendafilova, and Lauren Osmer

Teaching Business English with Cases—An Application of Case Method in Business English Teaching

Jing Zheng

The Right of a Child to Quality Education in Nigeria And the Impediments Confronting It

Fatai Ayisa Olasupo, Stella Maris Okey, and Jumoke Ajuwon Adeniran

Job Control Mediates between Workplace Stress and Organizational Performance: A case study of Air Traffic Controllers of Pakistan

Muhammad Iqbal

Health Service Quality as Perceived by Patients of Referral Hospitals in Uganda

Jotham Mbiito Byarugaba

Standards and Practice of Corporate Governance in The Public Sector in Nigeria

G.O. Demaki

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Editorial Board of Journal of Contemporary Management