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Journal of Contemporary Management

Journal of Contemporary Management

ISSN:1929-0128 (Print)    ISSN:1929-0136(Online)

Volume 4, Issue 2 (2015)
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Contents and Acknowledgements

Editorial Board of JCM

Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Tests for a Population Mean Using Ranked Set Sampling: An Auditing Application

Stella Ma, Dr. Elizabeth A. Stasny, Dr. James A. Tackett, and Dr. Douglas A. Wolfe

Motivations Related to Knowledge in Business Start-up Activity

Carolina Madriz Ortiz, Dr. Juan Carlos Leiva,Ralph Henn, and Natalia Hidalgo Hernandez

The Relationship between Real Estate Investment Trusts and Real Estate Markets

Dr. Tsoyu Calvin Lin, and Yi-Fen Chiu

CBM: An Integrated Crowd-sourcing Business Model

Dr. Alessia D'Andrea, Dr. Fernando Ferri, and Dr. Patrizia Grifoni

Lessons from the Evolution of Merger Guidelines in the United States

Dr. Mark Jamison, and Dr. Janice Hauge

How Income Inequality Caused Subprime Crisis in 2007?

Dr. Xu Gu, and Dr. Changshuai Li

WTO in the Global Capitalist Economy System-Sight from Russia

Dr. Elena Pilipenko

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Editorial Board of JCM